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PDVISION AB confirm new Head Of Sales

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PDVISION AB confirm new Head Of Sales

PDSVISION AB are very pleased to confirm that Johan Adelgaard will be the new Head of Sales as from the 1st of December 2020.

"It is a 'full circle', and it is a circle with icing on the top. Started my career within this industry almost 20 years ago, in a sales capacity. The icing is the fantastic organization PDSVISION that provides all you can wish from an organization, but largely the fantastic team that I already have had the fortune to work with for more than 3 years in different roles. My ambition is that we will continue to do great things and that I in my new role can become an enabler for the team to continue to help our customers.

Doing so by allowing us to act in an empathic, curious and courageous way" said Johan Adelgaard.

”After working with Johan for some years I know he is a perfect match for the team. He has already added a lot to our organization during his time at PDSVISION. He is well-grounded with great business acumen, a deep understanding of our customer's business challenges, and knows the industry as well as the ecosystem we are in which are vital factors in this position. On top of that, he comes with an extensive network and is genuinely interested in people which is a hugely important component for this extremely tough and challenging position, but I'm confident and strongly believe Johan is the right man for the job and I couldn't be happier. In Johan we will get a leader with a clear vision and an ability to coach the team to continued success on our continuous growth journey.

With the dedication from a very driven sales team and Johan’s impressive track record, we see this as a great opportunity to take PDSVISION AB into the next phase of helping our customers embark on their digital transformation journey " said Aleksander Patz, Managing Director.

For more information:

Aleksander Patz, Managing Director, PDSVISION AB +46 (0) 766 36 55 10

Johan Adelgaard, Head of Sales, PDSVISION AB +46 (0) 766 36 55 24

Maria Escobar, Head of HR, PDSVISION AB +46 (0) 766 36 55 23