Product Development using 3D CAD Design
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Validation Early and Often

This is not a blog post about which tool can deal with a certain situation or what tool you will be able to acquire for the lowest price. Instead this is a post that relates to the need of evolving our methods of working. Already here, you might start to sense a little bit of […]

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The Benefits Of Using Creo Configurator

I find PTC Creo Parametric as an excellent 3D CAD solution for large, configurable assemblies. Creo Parametric is in its own league with its ability to support top-down design powered with excellent performance. In my previous blog post I discussed different product configuration approaches and the value to use a product configurator. We at PDSVISION […]

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Different Product Configuration Approaches

Product Configurators gives companies a possibility to manage product variants in an efficient way, for PTC Creo Parametric, we use PDS Creo Configurator, but more about that later. You hear often people talking about product configurators as a solution to quite different and sometimes even conflicting needs. Whereas configurator gives a company a possibility to […]

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Windchill 11.1 – PLM in the modern web

Windchill 11.0 has been around for the last two years. With its release PTC started a journey to renew the interface of the system and with this update to more modern web technologies. In 10.2 a lot of compatibility issues arose when web browsers quickly had to steer away from java, due to security reasons. […]

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Creo 5.0 Update

The PTC Creo 5.0 release is jam packed with new features, Topology optimization studies, built in flow analysis, new rendering engine powered by Luxion Keyshot, further improved 3D printing support. In between the constant buzz about IoT, AR and Digital Twins over the past year, PTC also managed to release a new version of Creo Parametric. […]

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Saving Heat Treatment Steps Means Saving Costs

Many of our customers ask me if we can help them to cut manufacturing costs. The short answer is yes! We have a great example with two of our customers who are using our casting simulation software, MAGMASoft and have decreased their manufacturing costs. MAGMASoft enables the analysis of casting product manufacturing and the prediction […]

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