Product Development using 3D CAD Design
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    BoM Transformation – Product Lifecycle Data is Created in Engineering









Different Product Configuration Approaches

Product Configurators gives companies a possibility to manage product variants in an efficient way, for PTC Creo Parametric, we use PDS Creo Configurator, but more about that later. You hear often people talking about product configurators as a solution to quite different and sometimes even conflicting needs. Whereas configurator gives a company a possibility to […]

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Windchill 11.1 – PLM in the modern web

Windchill 11.0 has been around for the last two years. With its release PTC started a journey to renew the interface of the system and with this update to more modern web technologies. In 10.2 a lot of compatibility issues arose when web browsers quickly had to steer away from java, due to security reasons. […]

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Bye Bye Oracle – Welcome SQL Server!

Sometimes you need to let go of the familiar.    Only a few years back Oracle was the favoured database. Now with the Microsoftianism of the server environment in KMU you mostly see MS SQL servers. How does this effect you as a user of PTC® Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager To keep the administration overhead […]

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Security in PTC Windchill – Part 2 of 2

In my last post on the theme security in Windchill I provided some general tips for creating a safer server environment and gave examples of what threats exist. The conclusion was that with good routines and with a complete backup we can manage most situations. Since my last post was published, major headlines around the […]

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PLM/ERP Integration out of the Box

What are the best ways to connect business systems, like a PLM/ERP Integration out of the box?The title sounds tempting, but what does it mean really is following: Think out-of-the-box when it comes to the integration of two systems. Traditional methods with file exchange are slow, error-prone and sometimes maintenance-intensive. Modern integrations save the overhead […]

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Security in PLM System Windchill – Part 1 of 2

Security is something we often seem to take for granted. The problem with this is when something goes wrong, like an unauthorized person access information or servers, the consequences can be enormous. In recent years, there have been many so-called Ransomware attacks; That hijackers encrypt the data on the server, consequently no one can open the […]

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Five tips from our Support

Our Support team helps our customers worldwide with our solutions, Creo (3D CAD), Windchill (PLM), Simulation (ANSYS), ThingWorx (IoT), Vuforia (Augmented Reality) and more. It has become time to post the second blog entry from Technical Support and I thought it would be nice to give you five pieces of advice with “good-to-know”-tips and pointers […]

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