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    PDSVision Professional Services PDS

Our Organization for Delivery and Implementation

Our Professional Services organization is built to secure and validate a complete adoption of our provided solutions. All consultants are certified by PTC or the appropriate partner in order to provide best-in-class services.

PDSVISION is part of the PTC community by strategic partnership, helping deliver PLM implementations globally as well as being a member of PLM Elite network to cover global implementations.

Professional Services is focused on driving customer value. Our engagement process takes customers through a proven approach to realize value, starting with identifying areas of need.

Professional Services includes:

  • Identifying goals and objectives for the solution.
  • Planning for and deploying the solution.
  • Driving adoption with role-based trainings.
  • Providing high-quality support to customers.
  • Optimizing systems and software
  • Validating the experience and value realized.

Our Professional Services team has domain expertise from many industries including:

Our Professional Services team has a genuine and thorough background in PLM implementations. Based on years of experience in product development we have developed a set of frameworks and best practices that provide guidance through every stage of your PLM strategy.

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive and automotive suppliers
  • Industrial equipment and plant design
  • Heavy machinery
  • Consumer goods
  • Aerospace and defence.

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