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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance
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GD&T Advisor

Geometric dimensioning and tolerance – GD&T Advisor is a software for defining and communicating engineering tolerances.

A necessary part of the design process is to add the geometric dimensions and tolerances that determine how a detail may vary. This is often perceived as time consuming and manual steps that ultimately becomes uncertain and difficult to interpret. GD&T Advisor is an interactive module that provides expert guidance on how GD&T should be applied properly in detail. It controls the user in the creation of GD&T as per ISO standard in the users´ 3D CAD working environment and ensures that the part’s shape and position tolerances compliant, while providing improved productivity and quality.

Key Benefits

  • Increases productivity, increasing design quality and reduces the product cost.
  • Reduces the number of clicks and time consumption by up to 75%.
  • Improves the understanding of the complex ISO standard by providing guidance every step of the process.
  • With full detailed control eliminates errors and reduces subsequent design changes.

Functionality – GD&T Advisor simplifies the four critical steps in the application of GD&T.

  • Creation – efficient, intelligent application of functional GD&T symbols in a 3D CAD environment.
  • Validation – visual and function-oriented analysis of GD&T.
  • Education – provides extensive help content, informative tooltips and interactive GD&T quick reference help is available.
  • Reusability – creates intelligent CAD annotations that are useful in subsequence processes including production, tolerance analysis, fabrication and inspection.
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