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Industrial Augmented Reality

Industrial Augmented Reality with Vuforia

The reworking and improvement of strategies, processes and the digital toolchain to leverage existing data with current 3D visualisation technologies

Vuforia Chalk

For Remote Assistance

Vuforia Studio

For Content Creation And Publishing

Now you can drive efficiency and innovation within your business by overlaying digital information onto the physical world!

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital information onto the physical world to provide a better contextual understanding of an enviroment for a range of industries.

Industrial AR is specifically used to assist employees in a various operations including maintenance ad servicing of factory assets and equipment for example. The data delivered from these AR experiences can be configured to include step-by-step instructions, 3D schematic diagrams, or real-time performance data to aid users in a range of potential outcomes.

State of Industrial Augmented Reality: Download Report

Reduce Training and Labour Costs

Leverage existing expertise more effectively. Improve onboarding and new skills development. Eliminate the need to train using multiple IT and OT systems. Cross-train users to improve workforce agility and flexibility.

Improve Safety and Compliance

Limit safety risks. Reduce the time and cost of compliance documentation. Create enforcable audit trails for management and reporting. Ensure traceability and quality reconciliation

Minimize Errors and Downtime

Optimize machine configurations and maintenance tasks. Reduce overall operator and assembly errors. Provide role-based unified views into previously siloed data. Improve users own comprehension of complex products and processes

Augmented Reality: Helping Industry

Learn how Augmented Reality is helping industry increase output whilst accelerating training. See how it can improve both efficiency and safety at the same time as reducing your overall costs.

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing
Augmented Reality for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
Augmented Reality for Sales – A Case Study

Vuforia: PTC's Market-Leading Industrial AR Solution

The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite provides industry with a powerful new way to publish work instructions and transfer expertise. It can assist in providing hands-on training whilst delivering remote assistance. With an ever increasing suite of products and applications, Vuforia is scalable and optimized to deliver rapid time-to-value across multiple industries and sectors.

Vuforia Studio: Simple. Scalable.

Author and publish a range of scalable AR experiences that can transform your manufacturing, service and training processes. All without the need for extensive programming or costly custom designers.

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Vuforia Chalk: Solve Challenges Together

Vuforia Chalk brings your technicians and experts together to solve challenges faster and more effectively. Empower your team with the potential to collaborate using Chalk’s AR Remote Assistance.

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