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Kickstart your use of Industrial Augmented Reality through PTC Creo AR Design Share

Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful tool used for design reviews, collaboration, and communicating design intent. The AR functionality built into every seat of Creo makes it easier for CAD users to share visual design at scale with colleagues, suppliers, customers, and manufacturing partners in an intuitive and immersive way.

From Creo 6.0 and later AR Design Share is made available from Creo, Elements/Direct, Windchill and Creo View.

Creo AR Design Share allows you to rapidly define and publish AR experiences that can be distributed instantly for public access or restricted, available only for those who have permission to view it and access can be controlled at any time. The shared AR experiences can be viewed on mobile devices with spatial target support and HoloLens 3D headsets.

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Product visualization at scale and in context

The Creo AR Design Share allows for immersive design data with full context and scale so that you can interact, explore, and engage directly with the design data.

Creo AR Design Share Extension.

The Creo AR Design Share extension or the Premium Experience Service allows you to create and manage more augmented reality experiences and manage your intellectual property.

Creo AR Design Share delivers model management.

Allows viewer control to enhance the customer experience and improve communication and understanding using scale.

Enable virtual design collaboration

Solicit expertise and knowledge using AR to connect disparate teams Enable non-CAD users to interact, explore and engage

Get Started With AR!

Get Started With AR. Applications like Vuforia Chalk and Creo Design Share make AR practical and adoptable - Today!

Get Started!

Creo AR Design Share transforms the way engineers collaborate and visualize product information.

It is an easy first step towards using cutting edge AR technology while instantly achieving business benefits:

  • Rapidly create and publish AR Experiences
  • Easily share and distribute using email
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate design information and access control
  • Enable anyone to visualize CAD data and information
  • Mobile and Microsoft HoloLens device support
  • Protect IP as no CAD data is sent, reducing the risk of reverse engineering

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