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PTC Creo - Additive Manufacturing. Optimize and validate your CAD Designs in less time.
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What is Creo Additive Design Manufacturing?

With Creo additive manufacturing, you can develop innovative designs, optimize, and print to a variety of printers with ease, all within Creo.

With no more time-consuming, error-ridden hassle of multiple software packages, you can reduce time-to-market and expense with rapid prototyping and enable part consolidation.

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Innovate Your Designs Faster!

Seamlessly design, optimize and validate!

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Design, Optimize and Validate

With PTC Creo Additive Design you can seamlessly design, optimize, validate, and run a print check, all within the same environment.

With no more time-consuming, error-ridden hassle of multiple software packages, you can reduce time-to-market, improve part performance, and accelerate innovation, whether you’re looking at prototyping or final part production.

The new extensions feature enhanced lattice capabilities with the addition of Stochastic Lattices based on the Delaunay algorithm, hard-edge definition, and the ability to create lattice structures using custom cells, thereby enabling highly-complex parts that cannot be produced using traditional manufacturing.

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PTC Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension

  • Maximize design performance with lattice creation and optimization.
  • Create parametrically-controlled lattice structures and fully-detailed parts with accurate mass properties.
  • Direct connection to Stratasys, 3D Systems, and Materialize Library printers, as well as i.materialize and 3D Systems On Demand online print service bureaus

Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension Plus

Direct connection to metal printers in the Materialise library and automatically generate metal support structures using Materialise Magics.

  • Optimize design performance and cost with lattice creation.
  • Modify, manage, and save print tray assemblies, assign materials, print directly from Creo to supported 3D Printers.

Creo Capabilities

PTC’s developers created Creo Parametric as a sound foundation software that allows its users the ability to expand deeper functionality with each component. See what's possible with Creo.
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