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3D Technical Illustrations

PTC Creo Illustrate connects leading technical illustrations with 3D CAD data from any CAD system to allow for fast, easy-to-create and quick to update productions. Using modern architecture, it creates 2D images, animations and sequences – all in the same time.

Using Creo Illustrate many outputs can be created in one session. When importing different 3D CAD Data Creo Illustrate allows the user to filter, assemble and redesign structures from CAD to better fit the use case of spare part or service tasks (sometimes called the SBOM). By its intelligent design, the user is still only working on one Creo Illustrate file that outputs different kinds of information, all linked to the original 3D design. With a change in 3D CAD, Creo Illustrate updates all downstream illustrations fast and accurately.

Creo Illustrate will accurately reflect current product configurations and support formats from hard copy to Augmented Reality.

PTC Creo Illustrate Brochure – Download

Key Features

  • Easy to use, no need to understand 3D CAD or similar.
  • Suited for aftermarket service engineers, illustrators, Marketing.
  • Manage 3D CAD data in a lightweight format enabling large designs to be handled on standard desktop computers
  • Links to all major CAD packages like Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, NX, Catia. Also handles standard interfaces like JT, IGES and STEP.
  • Animations, 3D images, 2D Lineart drawings
  • Instruction sequences (these also generate automatic animations).
  • Extensive library of parts and illustrations EBOM-SBOM management.
  • Automatic balloon settings from CAD objects or external list.
  • Export to many image and video formats.
Toro Creo Illustrate Case Study – Download
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