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2D Layouts Connected to 3D Design

Creo Layout is a 2D CAD application that allows you to utilize the advantages of 2D and 3D CAD as part of the product design. Easily and confidently make detailed product designs in 2D using Creo Layout, adding additional data for example product dimensions and notes. Then you can utilize this 2D information as part of your 3D design with Creo Parametric. It is also excellent to use for 2D designs in the 3D world, such as signs, stickers and similar.

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Features and benefits:

  • Make 2D geometry faster with intuitive, flexible drafting abilities.
  • Easily navigate larger designs through the zoom viewport and filmstrip features.
  • Import data from 3D CAD, trace sketches or cross sections, or other 2D systems, DXF, IGES.
  • DWG and DRW, to enhance detailing on designs.
  • Use 2D concept engineering data as part of 3D designs to decrease the transition between concept and detailed design, reducing the overall design time.
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