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Creo Options Modeler was released as part of the Creo 2.0 update. Specifically tailored for designers specializing in modular product design, Creo Options Modeler is ideal for visualizing and assembling modular products in 3D, regardless of the overall design complexity. It allows for personalized designs, which match customer specifications, while also keeping a firm control over costs.

As part of the Creo family, Creo Options Modeler can be fully integrated to share data with other Creo Applications. For example, combine with Creo Parametric to test the centre of gravity, confirm precise product mass and also solve critical issues, such as interference for modular design.

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Features and benefits:

  • Reduce time taken in the design process by confirming all product modules are in 3D at an early stage in design development.
  • Decrease the need for engineering reworking and reuse existing 3D design models through Creo.
  • Increase internal communication through sharing product design information and collecting relevant responses from other teams, suppliers and customers.
  • Improve products at an earlier stage by automating manual tasks.
  • Fully define the product modules to automate the development of any product and control how they integrate.
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