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Sketch Your Ideas Faster

Being able to create new product designs quickly and get more people involved in the design process is increasingly important for overall product development. It’s essential to get the best possible products to the marketplace, while also decreasing the overall time of the design process. Creo Sketch is the quickest way to increase collaboration across a company. It is a 2D sketch design app, which allows users to quickly capture their design ideas.

Plus, you can add colour and other effects to turn the sketch into a finished design. It is now simpler for all the different parts of your company to communicate their input into the design process through this 2D sketch CAD app.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allow accelerated input from any team member in product development.
  • Increase use of concept designs, industrial designs and design reviews over traditional hand drawn sketches.
  • Make both fast and rough drawings or complete designs.
  • Full integration with other Creo apps makes it is easy to utilize the design in other apps, as well as making it easy to share 2D design data with colleagues.
  • Further accelerate and enhance productivity by using Creo Sketch on tablets.
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