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Exchange 3D CAD data using PTC Creo

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Living in a multi CAD World – Exchange 3D CAD data using PTC Creo

Who said it was easy? The world of 3D didn’t solve the problem of capability between different systems, and many companies who acquired other businesses, are now challenged with the need to communicate between sites. As a supplier, you might be challenged by your customers to use the same system they have and as an OEM you would prefer your suppliers to use the same tool as you. In any case you will need a strategy for the 3D CAD alignment.

One option is to streamline the organization and select one tool. Another option is to work in multiple systems with some kind of exchange strategy and perhaps a common PLM.

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Solutions and possibilities

  • Easily transfer from other CAD tools to Creo without losing important information such as drawings.
  • Transfer to Creo without maintaining old systems since Creo manages to work with “dead” geometries.
  • Work in a Creo environment and accept any data format from you suppliers.
  • Automatically create any format needed for your supplier or customers being able to change CAD, and not stay locked into an obsolete solution.