Product Development using 3D CAD Design

Integrated Simulation

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

How integrated simulation secures your product quality

With the birth of 3D CAD – product simulation saw a new era, where existing models could be reused for calculation purposes. Since then, nearly all manufacturers perform all kinds of model based simulations, but even though companies now have better ability to use the designs for simulation, the boundaries between CAD and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering aka Calculations) was still an unsolved issue.

Another challenge for many manufacturing companies, especially in the medium size, is to maintain resources with CAE competence with a relatively low number of annual jobs of advanced type.

We offer the ability for an integrated simulation solution:

  • Shorten lead times of design changes and data transfer.
  • Allow engineers to perform more calculations and allow the calculation experts to work with more advanced problems.
  • Lower cost by utilizing easy to use solutions rather than expert systems.

In previous years, there was big differences in the capabilities of tools developed by companies where they specialized on CEA. Since then, Creo has closed that gap extensively allowing for the option of a lower cost of ownership solutions without reducing your requirements. Start looking into how much your FEA designs cost today, and we guarantee we can provide you with a better and more cost effective strategy.

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