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PDSVISION Classification

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Classify Your CAD Data

Classify, publish and connect to 3rd party systems. This enables companies to easier follow standards, better classify information for reuse and align naming conventions for ERP and other applications.


  • PDSVISION Classification is an easy way to ensure that information is correct
  • Make sure that every designer regardless of location have the same settings and rules applied to their designs
  • Number generator and configuration based on database
  • Forces information to be entered correctly

Achieved Values According to Our Customers

  • Increase information quality
  • Shorten lead time and rework
  • Quality assured information before communication to business systems
  • Save time to market
  • Classify and search entered information transparently
  • Easy to update multiple drawing sets
  • Easy to administrate
  • Decrease cost
  • Reduce number of duplicate items
  • The same item shouldn’t be designed twice
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