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Automate the Rendering Process

PDSVISION Finity Automation automates the rendering process from CAD models to photorealistic images within a secure PLM environment.

Today it is a manual process to create rendered images of CAD models. PDSVISION Finity Automation enhances this process by automating:
  • Rendering integrated into PLM
  • Parts of the PLM processes
  • Images stored in PTC Windchill for enterprise distribution

Time Pressure

  • Need for many types of images
  • Product variants / configurable products
  • Images created when sales should start
  • Need for digitalized content


  • CAD designers are not rendering experts
  • Adhering to graphical guidelines and standards
  • Outsourcing costs time and money

Data Protection

  • Sensitive data sent to 3rd parties
  • Manual and time consuming process
  • Rendering settings and expertise owned by external party


  • Designer stores CAD files to Windchill
  • CAD file includes info about materials and camera angles
  • Rendering job starts either manually or from a workflow
  • Windchill sends job to rendering que
  • Rendering server executes jobs in the que
  • Images are stored to Windchill as documents
  • Version control and distribution
Finity Automation

Business Values

Faster, more accurate updated photorealistic images

  • Reduces time and cost of large-scale updates to product images
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enforces house-style compliance
  • Reduces staffing costs, manual and error-prone tasks
  • Reduces risks of Intellectual Property leakage
  • Single source for images
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