Product Development using 3D CAD Design

Managing Mechanical and Electrical Design as One

Working Together with MCAD/ECAD in PTC Windchill (PLM)

“In today’s competitive Electronics and High-Tech market, ECAD, SCHEMATICS and MCAD teams must work together seamlessly in order to get winning products faster to market.“

The Challenge

Products are increasingly using electrical and electromechanical components as part of their design. Adding to the fact that development tools and databases are dispersed, many companies are challenged with looking at the “right” version of a released product. Furthermore, it’s challenging to understand the physical status, as ECAD (PDB), Schematics and 3D CAD tools are not the same. The challenge can be divided into two main buckets:

Process Challenges (PLM)

  • Release and change management.
  • Shared libraries and part reuse.
  • Component sourcing and supplier management.

Design Challenges (CAD)

  • CAD collaboration and format conversions.
  • Assembly management – clash detection.
  • Enterprise view of information

Why improve the collaboration between ECAD, Schema and MCAD teams?

PDSVision has implemented cases of collaboration between the disciplines both from a CAD design perspective and PLM Perspective. Here is top 3 of what our customer’s state are the key benefits from these implementations:

  • Streamlines electromechanical design collaboration processes, reducing time-to-market and decreasing costs.
  • Improves design quality; seamless integration reduces errors and improves data integrity.
  • Enhances traceability of the design IP, for knowledge capture and design reuse.

PLM Solution – One single BOM to manage

Manage Schema/ECAD versions, release libraries, components and component 3D information in one single source, together with mechanical design. Windchill PDMLink allows you to manage all aspects of product design.

  • One single enterprise BOM for management and release
  • Enterprise change management for all development disciplines.
  • Synchronized component libraries
  • Direct integration to ECAD authoring tools (Cadence, Mentor, Altium and Zuken).
  • Direct integration to Schema tools (E3, Eplan).
  • Enterprise visualization for ECAD and MCAD.
  • Parts classification.
  • Component sourcing and vendor management.
  • BOM analysis.
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Windchill PLM Integration with Altium NEXUS

NEXUS enables digital management of workflow processes and resources. With NEXUS, electrical engineers and designers can integrate with adjacent domains including PLM and MCAD – decreasing common errors associated with manual processes and providing easy access to real-time supply chain data. Stakeholders – including product management, supply chain and manufacturing – also gain transparency to all electronic design work in process.

Configurable to how you work
With configurable workflows, NEXUS provides a solution that simply fits into the way you work. Additionally, as an open solution, NEXUS can integrate with existing tools across domains, helping to maximize your return on your digital transformation investments.

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