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PLM For Small and Mid-sized Companies

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PTC Windchill – (Product Lifecycle Management, PLM) for all companies

With growing global competition and increased legal requirements in the areas of environmental and quality assurance, small and medium-sized companies must monitor and document more closely their processes and risks.

PLM is a platform that helps organisations to meet these requirements. Small to medium-sized companies can now benefit from the wisdom gained via the early adopters of the PLM solution, thus avoiding the same tough challenges they experienced.

What is PLM?

PLM is a system designed to manage all product-related information over its lifecycle. The system is part centric, and all information is linked to the article (the sellable item). Structures are built based on these articles representing the complete sellable product and manages all the information created during the lifecycle. This combines with a central component within PLM – Change Process.


There has never been a better time to implement PLM!

PLM has changed dramatically since its first inception – Developing from large complex systems that needed to be configured and individually customized for each organisation, to become a well-packaged and easy to administer, cost-effective solution to implement. Larger adopters of PLM have invested heavily into the process of understanding how PLM can be utilised, experiences from which all companies can benefit from.

With Agile Development and Lean Methods also to be considered, PDSVISION specialises in establishing what customers want to achieve. We then proceed to guide and implement both standard processes and efficient methods that ensure the customer achieves their objectives.

Why invest in PLM?

  • Production via contract or in another location/country adds greater demand for correct documentation
  • Quality standard and authorities demand that processes are followed and documented
  • Reduces the number of new products and components.
  • Purchasing departments want to streamlineprocesses and reduce prices.
  • Reduces errors by controlling informationand connection to ERP.

How do PDSVISION help customers to achieve this?

  • Effective methods and processes
  • Development of simplified interfaces for occasional users
  • Reporting and analysis tools for management
  • Customizations and proprietary software that both streamlines and quality assures PLM processes.
  • Support processes that take on the responsibility and facilitates the implementation of the project’s requirements.
  • Well-packaged deliverables.
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