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Requirements Management

Manage Requirements throughout the Lifecycle of a Product with PTC Windchill

Every project must deal with a number of requirements. These can be legal matters, customer demands, internal process demands, and/or communication protocols. Requirements can also be a products requirement of performance. The term “requirement” could be defined as anything that has to be delivered, like a product in a development process or a service.

The simple truth is that many companies miss out on this very significant part of a development process, leading to high development costs and lost market share. The picture displays some statistics for typical challenges within product development directly related to problems within requirement management.

Why projects typically fail

A solution to the problem has proved to be the introduction of a requirement management tool able to address these challenges. PTC Windchill for requirement managements includes these main features:

  • Linking requirements to other requirements.
  • Automating requirements documentation.
  • Linking requirements to product structures in PTC Windchill PDMLink or other PLM systems.
  • Linking requirements to software development process and tools
  • Managing use cases and validation of requirements.
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