• PDSVision PLM Windchill

    PDSVision PLM Windchill

Simplified Product Data Management with PDM Essentials

PDM Essentials helps you securely manage, search and collaborate on MCAD designs and related content. Easy-to-deploy, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-use, PDM Essentials seamlessly manages data from Creo and other popular CAD systems.

PDM Essentials simplifies data management activities by transparently incorporating them into the design process. Designers can be confident that their work will not be overwritten by others and that everyone is using the latest released versions of product designs.

Key benefits

  • Securely manage all CAD documents. Only authorized users can access and/or update a particular design.
  • Web-based architecture accelerates collaboration and distributed product development.
  • Quickly find and reuse existing designs and IP.
  • Ensure that all changes are properly approved and documented.

Features and Specifications

  • Installation and configuration wizards greatly simplifies and accelerates the deployment process, providing customers with greater value in less time and at a much lower cost.
  • Centralized vaulting and revision control of CAD models, their structures and relationships.
  • Manage all Creo data files and associations, including family tables, assembly-part relationships, and external simplified representations.
  • Powerful searching tools, product configuration reports, and easy copying/renaming of existing designs to facilitate design reuse.
  • Produce comprehensive, accurate BOMs and relationship reports.
  • Produce both baseline and ‘as-stored’ configurations.

Windchill PDM Essentials