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Manage Quality Documentation and Processes

Since the introduction of ISO9000 and quality standards, there has been a need for a more controlled way of managing documentation. No longer could the version management be entered into the file name, since quality standards only allowed for released data to be in a PDF format. Many companies implemented a document management or records management system as part of the business, but found that this easily became an island of information as ERP and PLM became bigger parts of the infrastructure.

QMS as an integral part of the PLM environment

  • A system supporting a closed loop of product quality information management.
  • A system that can support finding information directly from your business processes map.
  • A system that has tools for reliability, lifecycle and quality analysis.
  • A system able to manage a claims process.
  • A system that can support finding information directly from your business processes map.
  • Support for Medical Device specific challenges like CAPA.

Typical benefits of PLM integrated QMS are:

  • Documents and claims are often linked to products. PLM owns all product information.
  • Only one system to maintain
  • Change of the document and lifecycle rules in one place, which will implement those rules companywide.

Windchill Quality Solutions

Provides a formalized and systematic solution to manage all aspects of product quality, reliability, and risk using methods that are fully integrated into the product development lifecycle. Learn more

Windchill FMEA

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) or FMECA provides a structured and systematic methodology to identify the failure modes of a system, analyze their effects and introduce controls to improve product quality. Learn more

Windchill Prediction

Reliability Prediction is used to analyze and predict the failure rate of a system over time and under various operating conditions. Windchill Prediction uses extensive industry sources, known as reliability prediction standards, to calculate the failure rate of a system from the failure rates of its component parts. Learn more

Windchill Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

Offers intuitive graphical representations and powerful analytical tools. Assess the risk and reliability of complex systems through visualization and analysis. Learn more

Windchill RBD (Reliability Block Diagram)

Combines intuitive and easy-to-use reliability block diagramming tools with powerful optimization and simulation calculations to analyze the performance and lifetime costs of complex, real-world systems. Learn more

Windchill Markov

Provides robust state transition diagramming tools. You can create graphical representations of complex system states, along with the connections between them. From each diagram, it is then possible to calculate system performance metrics, including capacity, reliability and availability for different states. Learn more

Windchill Weibull

Provides the life data analysis tools necessary to predict failure behavior from gathered field data, considering the whole product lifecycle. Learn more

Windchill Accelerated Life testing (ALT)

Provides the powerful statistical techniques necessary to analyze data from accelerated life testing methodologies and to extrapolate these results under normal operating conditions. Learn more

Windchill Life Cycle Cost

Offers cost breakdown analysis tools, along with a flexible equation editor supporting a range of variables and functions. By combining customizable cost breakdown structures with user-defined equations, you will get a flexible tool to meet the unique cost analysis needs to your organization or industry. Learn more

Windchill Maintainability Prediction

Provides a systematic method to define system repair properties, using global standards as a framework. You can analyze repair metrics of any system to predict repair times, minimize downtime, and increase availability. Learn more

Windchill MSG-3

Offers a systematic, step-by-step methodology to identify and schedule reliability-centered maintenance tasks in accordance with the MSG-3 standard. Learn more

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