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Efficient Management of Aftermarket Information

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Increase Spare Parts Sales

Deliver cost-effective aftermarket parts and service ordering solutions with Signifikant. To keep your service level efficient at low cost there is a need for some kind of content delivery solution where spare part information, service bulletins and last but not least spare part information can be found. Normally these solutions are expensive and custom built for each case – but what if there was an affordable and packaged solution available?

Our partner Signifikant have created just that, a low cost and efficient way of providing correct, complete and accessible information about product structures and product information, spare parts, e-shopping, diagnosis, service information and feedback.

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Business Values

  • Increased aftermarket sales
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency
  • Direct access to all aftermarket information
  • Reduces the risk of expensive mistakes
  • Increased services efficiency
  • Feedback

Increased Revenue and Higher Margins at Edilog

EdiLog achieived a 70% decrease in administrative tasks and an increase in expected sales by 20-30 percent.

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Signifikant E-commerce

Find, order and pay products in a few clicks

Find, order and pay products in a few clicks. Differentiate prices per region, customer type or volume. Order quickly using one-page checkout.

Signifikant E-Commerce

Sell more parts

With a modern look and feel, clients and dealers will feel accustomed from start. Ordering parts and accessories has never been easier.

Manage the web shop efficiently

Administrate products, categories, orders, campaigns, promotions, polls, users and customers through a single web interface. Publish from the spare part catalogue to reduce administration.

Find the right part in a few clicks

Sell more parts

Create and manage parts catalogues

Share technical documentation

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