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We know this business and we know that not every customer needs to manage a big setup of servers. Therefore we develop our own Content Management System based on Subversion that we’ve dubbed Simonsoft CMS.

Simonsoft CMS uses the workflow, revision and versioning of Subversion and does that seamlessly in Arbortext Editor. When you need to edit your XML-documents you collect a working copy from Simonsoft CMS and when you are done with your authoring you load it back to Simonsoft CMS. The magic happens behind the scenes where Simonsoft CMS checks whether the document conflicts with other revisions of the same documents made by another author and if it clears makes a new revision of it.

This work flow helps the author to the latest and greatest version of your XML-document and also makes it easy to roll-back to an earlier revision. Simonsoft CMS is very light weight and, as already stated, works seamlessly with Arbortext Editor. It also offers a web user interface where you can browse your documents.

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