Innovative integration for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimizations

modeFRONTIER is an innovative solution focused towards multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. It provides a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, thus enabling the automation of the design simulation process whilst at the same time facilitates analytic decision making.

In today’s business world, multidisciplinary approach is key for a successful design process. Designers are required to simultaneously consider multiple perspectives in order to determine the global optimal solution. modeFRONTIER, streamlines the process is by combining objectives relating to variables of different disciplines.

Its powerful workflow enables the execution of complex chains of design optimization whilst its innovative algorithms determine the best possible solutions combining opposing objectives and post-processing tools – Allowing the user to perform sophisticated statistical analysis and data visualization.

User profiles enable multidisciplinary engineering practices, consolidating specialized expertise and streamlining teamwork. It enables allocation of software resources to where they are most needed and allows access to different functionalities within the same installation, via dedicated modules (modeSPACE and modePROCESS) or directly in modeFRONTIER, according to the individual profile of the user.

Main Advantages

  • Greatly reduces design cycle time
  • Improves product performance and reduces product development time
  • Provides an extremely effective tool for making design decisions
  • Delivers optimised designs automatically under user guidance
  • User friendly and intuitive with steep learning curves
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