The innovative Multibody Dynamics based CAE software solution

RecurDyn is a superior Multibody Dynamics solution with exceptional contact technology in combiantion with a the ability to handle large scale multibody models, for both multiple contacts and flexible bodies.

RecurDyn is intuitive and without the need for steep learning curves. It allows users to easily adapt and customise the application development environment so you can streamline those more complicated and tedious tasks.It provides a fast and efficient modeling environment with an MBD optimized UI, developed with direct feedback from industry experts and engineers.

It is compatible with a range of The toolkits that allow users to perform modeling for a specifc industries quickly and easily before being able to provide an accurate analysis of complicated mechanical systems with specialized solvers.

RecurDyn can deliver best-in-class simulation performances by combining the power of its optimized recursive solver, together its superior contact technologies.

Main Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of expensive prototypes failing by understanding the feasibility of your system models
  • Ensures quality and reliability with extended insights providing confidence in your design decisions
  • Increases productivity to meet highly demanding design specifications within short time frames
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