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PDSVISION Star Support

PDSVISION Star Support

Ever felt that you need more assistance than a regular support desk can offer? Do you find it hard to get your internal IT team to perform the system administration tasks required for a PLM system?

PDSVISION has the solution – Star Support.

PLM, CAD, CMS and similar solutions are systems not handled by many IT departments from a support and maintenance perspective, yet these applications remain business critical and will a direct impact on a lot of users if they stop working. The solutions thmeselves are not complex, but require special skills in maintenance, system support and the bespoke application.

For companies that are interested in a more advanced support service than what is traditionally offered along with software maintenance – We offer Star Support.

Our Support – Datasheet

Star Support features include:

  • Regular health checks of the system.
  • Cleaning of caches and unnecessary files.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • System monitoring.
  • Added support responsibility for methodology and training help.
  • Ability to use support for system upgrades.

The package is fully customizable and has different service levels, depending on your organisational needs. We can even include into the service that we oversee complete support responsibility. Below are some variables that determine the levels of support:

  • Time bank
  • Health checks
  • System monitoring

Business Values

  • Significantly reduced risk of system downtime and production stop.
  • Ensuring that the system health is optimized.