Product Development using 3D CAD Design

Introduction to modeFRONTIER

2 Days

modeFRONTIER is a high-performance optimization environment that integrates perfectly with all of the calculation and simulation tools from the market or from your teams. It enables multi-objective and multidisciplinary optimization to be launched via several modules. modeFRONTIER also enables personalised access according to the user’s profile.

This course is intended for directors, managers or managers of design offices and / or calculation services. The objective is to train them in the functionality of the platform and to guide them in its handling through several application exercises.

By participating in this course users will understand how modeFRONTIER can improve the performance of their product and identify key cost / performance indicators that reduce development time.

Day 1

  • Introduction to modeFRONTIER
  • Notions of chaining, experience and optimization plans
  • Introduction to the main fashion experience plans

Day 2

  • Presentation of statistical analysis tools (correlations and distributions)
  • Presentation of modeling methods by response surface
  • Introduction to robust design
  • Examples of applications

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