Introduction to Particleworks

1 day

Particleworks is a mesh-free, liquid-flow simulation software solution based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method.

As it requires no meshing it also allows easy simulations of gearboxes, axles, differential gears, planetary gears, motors, etc.

In this course you will learn how the Movement in Particle Simulation can be integrated in the development process of your product, reducing the number of prototypes and overall costs. You will also learn how it can be utilised to reduce the development time of your lubrication systems.

Day 1

  • ParticleWorks overview
  • Introduction to Moving Particle Simulation
  • Presentation of the simulation process
  • Overview of the graphical interface
  • Project and directory structure
  • Definition of the model, physical properties, boundary conditions and numerical parameterization
  • Getting started
  • Post-processing: flow visualization, quantitative post-processing
  • Best practices and advanced settings
  • Getting started

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