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Keyshot Advanced – Advanced Keyshot Rendering Course for Experienced Users

Advanced Keyshot Rendering Course

We offer KeyShot courses covering both introductory and advanced topics. The courses can
be customized to fit your specific experience level and needs. Topics such as importing
models, adjusting materials, fine-tuning cameras and lighting, rendering and output settings
etc. are available to create a course designed for your needs.


  • General rendering settings
  • Model preparations for the render scene
  • Working with multiple models in a scene
  • Working with the material graph tool
  • Working with the HDRI editor.
  • Customising materials
  • Creating scene sets with cameras and view sets
  • Setting up cameras for animations
  • Using different model animations
  • Using different camera animations
  • Manipulating and editing of the animation timeline
  • Using plugins and live linking


KeyShot - Advanced Course
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