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Putting Employees First with Augmented Reality

Putting Employees First with Augmented Reality

 Online | Tuesday | 14th September 2021 | 10 AM CEST | 60 minutes | English

As we race toward digital transformation, it’s easy to look at workforce technology investments simply through the lens of productivity.

And while that is an important metric, it’s only a small fraction of the impact you can make with augmented reality (AR).

Join this webinar hosted by PTC to learn about how AR can help you empower your organization’s most valuable asset – your people – to work smarter. We’ll look at critical use cases for AR, including remote collaboration, augmented training, and immersive work instructions, and discuss how human-centric change management can help you drive AR adoption at scale.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is of interest to anyone interested in learning how AR can be used to optimize remote collaboration in an organization.

What value will you gain from attending?

The webinar will present critical use cases for how to use AR tools for:

  • Remote collaboration
  • Augmented training
  • Immersive work instructions
  • and more…

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Hosts: Sarah Reynolds and Sam Murley – PTC

PTC has more than 30 years of experience in being an industry leader in the fields of CAD and PLM, and is paving the way in the fields of Augmented Reality and IIoT.